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Peskov:Idleb situation undermines Syria political settlement

Tehran, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov affirmed that Idleb province has become a nest of terrorism, where many terrorist groups have settled there and this leads to the destabilization of the situation and undermines attempts for diplomatic settlement in Syria.

In a response to the US President Donald Trump's warnings about the repercussions of the Syrian Arab Army's move to clear Idleb of terrorism, Peskov told reporters that Just to speak out with some warnings, without taking into account the very dangerous, negative potential for the whole situation in Syria, is probably not a full, comprehensive approach, SANA reported.

He pointed out that the situation in Idleb remains a special concern for Russia and other countries.

This poses a considerable threat the Russian president has mentioned that to our temporary bases there. It is from there (Idleb) that drones are launched to threaten our temporary bases (in Syria), Peskov said.

Peskov asserted that the situation in and around Idleb province will be a main item on the agenda of the guarantor states summit in Tehran next Friday.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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