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Pompeo ‘speaks nonsense’ about Iran religious minorities: Zoroastrian cleric

Isfahan, An Iranian Zoroastrian clergyman refuted US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's claim about religious minorities being suppressed in Iran.

'As a Zoroastrian mobad (cleric), I cry out loud that during the 40 years of the Islamic government in Iran, Zoroastrians have been able to perform their rituals freely,' said Mobad Behzad Neek-Deen.

'About 100 meters away from the fire temple of the Zoroastrians in Isfahan, there is a mosque ... such scenes are extremely rare in other countries.'

Mobad Neek-Been said that Iran has a history of 7,000-year-old civilization and has written the human rights charter over 4,000 years ago. Newly-emerged politicians of the US shouldn't talk to such a nation with threats and lies.

'Apart from Zoroastrians, followers of other religions Jews and Christians are also freely performing their rituals and live with their fellow countrymen peacefully.'

Referring to the recent case of the law passed in Iran to let minorities become city council members, he said, 'This is while in many countries religious minorities and black people don't have the right to enter decision-making centers.'

He also added that religious minorities enjoy the same rights as other Iranians, which is part of Iran Constitution.

Pompeo, addressig a group of Iranian Americans in Los Angeles on Sunday, said that religious minorities 'are a historic part of the rich fabric of an ancient and vibrant Iranian civilization,' and claimed that they 'are suppressed.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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