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Pres. Office Launches Situation Room for Inter-Korean Summit

South Korea's presidential office has launched a special situation room to prepare for the upcoming inter-Korean summit.

Presidential spokesman Kim Eui-kyeom announced the launch of the inter-ministerial entity in a written media statement on Thursday.

He said Yun Kun-young, director for the top office's standing situation room, will head the ad-hoc body, and officials from the top office and related ministries will work together there.

The launch comes after President Moon Jae-in ordered officials to make thorough preparations for the summit during the fifth preparation committee meeting on Wednesday.

The president instructed the ministries to use the special situation room to update their preparatory efforts on a daily basis and to share the results with other agencies.

Noting that the April 27th summit is only two weeks away, the spokesman said the government will remain alert throughout the preparatory period, and take earnest yet prudent steps to draw up possible agendas and strategies for the summit.

He also emphasized daily and thorough preparations to ensure the summit runs smoothly.

Source: KBS World Radio

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