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President criticizes US for breach of int’l obligations

Tehran, July 19, IRNA President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday criticized the US for violation of its international obligations including the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) reached between Iran and the G5+1.

The US which is not committed to what it has signed, cannot invite other countries to stability, he added while speaking in a cabinet meeting.

The President referred to the US wrong conduct towards its international obligations and said the US officials are not loyal to their commitments.

The US breached its commitments to Paris Climate Agreement, commitment to its agreement with Cuba and many other deals, it has inked with the North American countries and South Asian states, he added.

The President said, All these developments show the fact that the US cannot be regarded the promoter of human rights, law, stability and security in the world.

A country which is not stable, does not respect the rules and regulations and is not committed to its agreements with other states should not invite others to stability, peace and security, the President noted.

He said that presence of Americans in the region will only intensify discord and conflicts in the region, adding that Americans did not take a particular action against terrorists to bring stability to the region.

It was the Syrian and Iraqi people and their neighboring countries and their devoted soldiers that helped the oppressed people of the region and rescued the region from terrorism and will do the same in the future, the official added.

He said that Islamic Republic has been always committed to its obligations but Americans are making conspiracy and acting in a way to have Iran say it has stopped its commitments and is not loyal to its signature. That's the plot the US hatched recently and I believe it will never succeed.

The Islamic Republic of Iran will remain committed always to its international commitments On the other hand, they (Americans) try to issue a series of fresh sanctions under various pretexts, which are not at all consistent with and are contradictory to the logical, spirit and content of the JCPOA as well.


Today, Americans are dissatisfied with the postJCPOA atmosphere and they are worried about the economic ties between Iran and the European and Asian states, the President added.

He hailed the G5+1 members support the JCPOA and noted that Iran will adopt reciprocal measures against the US congress hostile measures.

Iran accomplished major achievements and could close the Possible Military Dimension (PMD) case of its peaceful nuclear program and ended main parts of Iran sanctions during the nuclear talks, the President added.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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