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President expresses condolences over Fidel Castro’s passing

President Rouhani sent a message to RaA�l Modesto Castro Ruz, the President of the Council of State of Cuba, and expressed condolences over Fidel Castro's death.

President Rouhani's message is as follows:

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Your Excellency Mr RaA�l Modesto Castro Ruz,

President of the Council of State of Cuba,

The news of your dear brother, the tireless warrior and the leader of Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz's death caused great grief and sorrow.

In the current age that the oppressed nations around the world are suffering from violation of the most obvious and fundamental human principles such as peace, justice and freedom, fortunately, there are free men and warriors who do not give up fighting until the last days of their lives in order to keep the flag of justice- and freedom seeking waving in the hearts of people.

I, on behalf of the great Iranian nation, offer my condolences over the death of the leader of Cuban revolution to your Excellency, the government and the resilient people of Cuba and Latin America region, and wish pride and felicity for the people of your country.

Hassan Rouhani

Source: Presidency of Islamic Republic of Iran

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