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President: Iran attaches importance to Balkan stability

Tehran, Aug 6,President Hassan Rouhani said that Iran attaches importance to stability and security of Balkan region.

He made the remarks in a meeting with his Serbian Parliament Speaker Maya Gojkovic.

'Iran welcomes development of cooperation with Serbia in all fields,' the President added.

He noted that increase of economic and trade ties between Tehran and Belgrade and broadening of banking interactions can help promote the two countries' development.

'Removal of visa barriers for Iranian citizens can prepare the grounds for activating the two countries' bilateral ties,' Rouhani added.

He said that Iran has always supported talks for settling differences in the Balkan region.

The official criticized big powers' views towards the Middle East and the Balkan region, adding that they follow their own interests in the region.

Serbian parliament speaker, for his part, conveyed congratulatory message of Serbian president to Rouhani, and expressed the hope for boosting cooperation between the two states.

'Iran and Serbia enjoy good relations and pursue development of mutual ties in addition to the bilateral cooperation,' he said.

The official conveyed the invitation message of Serbian president to President Rouhani and invited him to visit Belgrade.

The Serbian parliament speaker visited Iran to attend the Iranian President inauguration ceremony held in Tehran on Saturday.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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