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President: Iraq eyeing balanced ties with Iran, US

Baghdad, Iraqi President Barham Salih stressed that Baghdad is keen to have balanced ties with the US and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In a meeting with British, German and French ambassadors in Baghdad on Sunday, he reiterated that his country favors balanced ties with neighbors, brothers, including the US and Iran.

He maintained that establishing balanced ties with all will help strengthen security and stability in the region and world.

Salih also highlighted significance of the serious and constructive dialogues to solve all problems and focusing on commonalities and avoiding political polarizations.

The trio's ambassadors also expressed satisfaction over the level of bilateral relations with Iraq and hailed Iraq's balanced foreign policy.

They also supported Iraq's role in the region and Arab world.

Readiness for participating in reconstruction of Iraq, using opportunities of investment in Iran by the European companies, regional developments were among the topics discussed during the meeting.

Meanwhile, Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said on Friday meeting with the three envoys that Iraq will never be part of the US antiIran sanctions.

'Iraq favors good relations with all its neighbors and Arab, region and international states, including the US and Iran,' he said.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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