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President Masum: Iran’s role in Iraq reassuring

Baghdad, President of Iraq Fuad Masum underlined Iran's role in Iraq is reassuring and in direction of stability in Iraq.

After meeting with supreme leader advisor for international affairs Ali Akbar Velayati on Sunday, President Masum told reporters that Iraq will never forget Iran's valuable military aids as well as humanitarian helps in war with the terrorist group of Daesh.

He said the two countries have age-old ties with each other and these relations are expanding and bolstering.

President Fuad Masum said in the meeting the two sides discussed issues of mutual interests and added that the two countries have no differences and only different impressions exist, which were discussed that is beneficial for bilateral ties.

Velayati said President Masum called for constructive role of Iran in reconciling Iraqi central government and that country's Kurdistan Region.

He added that Iran, undoubtedly, wants more consolidation in territorial integrity of Iraq and in recent developments when enemies wanted to separate Kurdistan from Iraq, president Masum played very important role in protecting Iraq territorial integrity.

Velayati added that today president Masum is playing the same role of late Jalal Talabani in strategic relations between Iraq and Iran.

Advisor to the supreme leader is in Baghdad to take part in the opening ceremony of Iraqi Assembly for Islamic Unity which took place on Saturday as well as holding talks with the Iraqi political leaders and officials for promotion of bilateral ties.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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