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President of Finland, Sauli NiinistAl paid an official visit to Iran, emphasizing the expansion of bilateral ties

Iran and Finland have ample opportunities to develop ties in various fields, President Rouhani said in the meeting of high-ranking delegations of Iran and Finland on Wednesday. He added: We are happy to see serious resolve from both sides to develop ties and without a doubt, this visit is a turning point in promoting relations between Iran and Finland.

Referring to figures from Iran's customs department, Dr Rouhani said: Trade balance between the two countries has significantly increased but this is not in accordance with the capabilities and opportunities the two countries have.

President Rouhani also mentioned banking relations as an essential requirement for further economic relations and went on saying that Iran and Finland can cooperate in the fields of health, environment, forest protection, ICT, and technical and engineering projects.

Voicing Iran's willingness to cement ties with EU member countries, Dr Rouhani said: We currently have ample opportunities for development in various fields such as industry, energy, transportation and communications in Iran and we welcome cooperation by Finnish investors and companies.

Based on Iran's WAVE proposal to the United Nations, we are ready to cooperate with the world in fighting extremism, violence and terrorism.

President of Finland, Sauli NiinistAl said: I am confident that this visit will develop relations between Iran and Finland. He continued: Finland is ready to cooperate with Iran in fostering Iran-EU ties.

Source: Embassy of islamic republic of Iran, Stockholm

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