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President: Other party dampened spirit of JCPOA

Tehran, President President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday urged the US to respect the Iranian nation and be honest and avoid adopting a doublestandard policy through offering negotiation while increasing the economic sanctions.

President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday referred to the US measures against Iran and noted that Washington's sanctions against the Iranian people are crimes against humanity and should be regarded as economic terrorism.

Washington is to spread Iranophobia in order to isolate the Islamic Republic but to no avail, he said adding that in fact the US is now isolated than ever before.

The president pointed to the US request for talks with Iran and said that Washington should prepare the grounds for negotiation and prove its honesty through lifting all sanctions.

President Rouhani urged the US to accept the Iranian Islamic establishment and respect the people's vote.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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