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President Raisi urges broadening of ties with Eurasia, Africa

Tehran, IRNA – Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi emphasized that a long stride needs to be taken to broaden trade cooperation with the Eurasian and African countries.

The Iranian president stressed that the region has very broad potentials, and argued that Iran must use the existing potentials in the region in a bid to boost its trade and especially its non-oil exports.

Iranian Industry, Mine and Trade Minister initially presented a report on the success achieved during the yesterday presidential visit of Oman, the strategic proposals in the field of Iran’s non-oil exports to the trigonal countries, and cooperation among the entire concerned organizations aimed at facilitating foreign trade and construction of the required infrastructures.

President Raisi also emphasized that the economic diplomacy needs to be activated and the high potential of the North-South Corridor need to be used urgently, aimed at boosting foreign trade in Eurasia and Africa regions.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency – IRNA

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