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President Rouhani arrives in Khuzestan province

Ahvaz, President Hassan Rouhani accompanied by a number of cabinet ministers arrived in Khuzestan province on Friday morning to closely examine the floodstricken region in the province.

During the visit, President Rouhani and his entourage will inspect Dez and Karkhe dams.

After the visit, president will attend a meeting with local officials to examine and exchange ideas on taking proper decision to prevent probable flood in the province.

Ministers of energy, Agriculture Jihad, Justice, Road and Urban development are accompanying President Rouhani during the visit.

Good management in the province prevented occurrence of any problems resulting to devastating flood in the province.

Some 35 villages are in danger of inundated waters to be outpoured from Karkhe and Dez damns.

Devastating flood hit various provinces in Iran in recent days leaving high number of casualties.

Source: Presidency of Islamic Republic of Iran

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