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President Rouhani: Cyberspace can be an opportunity not a threat

Tehran, President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday described cyberspace as a big digital revolution in today's world, saying that it can be an opportunity for Iran, region and world not a threat.

Addressing the conference 'Intelligent Iran' late on Wednesday, he added that of course, there are some to abuse the space for their vested interests, but it is not possible to suspend a big global move just for the reason that some may abuse it.

"The government honors to create facilities for the young generation to take advantage of cyberspace in the economic and social arenas," he said.

Cyberspace has facilitated public participation in the country's affairs, he said, noting, "It is cyberspace that gives mark to the legitimacy of the rulers and says to what extent the officials are acceptable or legitimate."

"Today, we need a simple, cheap and disciplined cyberspace so that the people will use it easily," he said, calling on all branches of government to cooperate in this respect.

"Despite the sanctions, unilateralism of the big powers, we have no choice but progress, selfreliance and cooperation with friendly countries," he said.

As it has been promised from the first day, the government will do its best to keep the space open, Rouhani reiterated.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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