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President Rouhani: Iran goes on with making power, seeking no tensions

Tehran, April 18, IRNA �Iran continues to make defensive power, but is after no tensions, said Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday in a ceremony marking Iranian National Army Day in Tehran.

We are not seeking tensions, but the Quran has taught us that peace is possible alongside power,' said President Rouhani, addressing the ceremony.

Saying that the Army has always shown its readiness to deal with the critical situations and has always been an important deterrent power for defending the country's soil, President Rouhani said the Army and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) shoulder to shoulder have been serving the people and defending the country on different battlefields.

The president also stated, 'The Army has never entered political games and has well administered the Late Imam Khomeini's will'.

'There is no name of our Army generals in any corruption in the society and country and this means that the Army is sincere and honest,' continued President Rouhani.

Stating that 'Army has always carried out its duties within the framework of the rule of law and discipline', he continued, 'We require well-prepared, powerful Army, IRGC and Basij.'

'We live in a sensitive region,' he added, saying, 'Aggressive powers have nested around us, having illegal and illegitimate presence, interfering in the affairs of the region against all international laws and carrying out acts of aggression on countries without the permission of the United Nations against the UN Charter and international regulations.'

He also went on to say, 'In such a region that major powers use terrorist groups as a tool to promote instability, we need deterrent power against major powers and terrorists', adding, 'In addition to Army, our mighty IRGC, effective Basij and the Police have always worked hard'.

'We tell the countries of the region that good neighborliness is the base of our policy towards them. We want to be a good neighbor for the countries of the region. We do not intend to invade any country and as the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces said recently, we have a great country and nation and we do not need other countries' soil at all'.

Saying that the people are the greatest support of the armed forces,' President Rouhani said, 'Our armed forces have had a key role in establishing stability and security in the region'.

'No one should worry about Iran's power; however, we tell the major powers to stop arms trade and filling the region with gunpowder and plundering the resources of Arab countries of the region for their own benefit'.

The president also addressed powers and those who do not want security, stability and development of the region, saying, 'Neither can your weapons bring independence for the countries of the region, nor can they intimidate great nations, such as Iran'.

He said that Iran responds positively to the call of peace by relying on its legitimate power,' adding that Iran will produce or provide any weapons that the Army and IRGC need to defend the country.

Thirty years ago on the same day, the US attacked Iran's oil platforms of Nasr and Salman in the Persian Gulf and the Army forces deployed on the platforms were martyred as a result. Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic in Iran, dubbed the day after the Army's sacrifices in defending the country against the aggression.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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