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President Rouhani: Iran’s power not a menace

Tehran, Iran's power is not based on threat, aggression and invasion; it is a legal power for national interests, stability and regional and international security, said President Hassan Rouhani on Monda

'Along with the power of science and technology, we need the power of diplomacy to promote the rights of our nation,' President Rouhani said speaking in a ceremony marking the 12th anniversary of National Day of Nuclear Technology (April 9).

'The ill-wishers try to take the right away from Iran or reflect it as something illegal in some international organizations, he added.

President Rouhani added, 'The Iranian nation has the required technical and legal logic for negotiation with powers and promoting its rights.'

He added, 'We need military and defensive, economic and cultural power simultaneously for legitimate authority in the region and the world.'

The president went on to say, 'Over the past few years, the world watched us help the countries of the region to defeat the terrorists and those who had raised them to use as tools.'

He also said that Iran has solutions for all the past, present and future possible problems.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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