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President Rouhani: Scraping of JCPOA will cost dearly for US

Tabriz, April 24, IRNAPresident Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday that if US embarks on scrapping the JCPOA, it will pay a heavy price for it in the world.

Addressing local officials in Tabriz, he said the US and others are free to make any decision for the country but the Iranian people will stand up to the enemies as they have already protected Iran's territorial integrity despite all ups and downs. The Iranian nation is determined to take advantage of its invaluable experiences gained in the past 40 years, he said.

Its for months that the US president has decided to break his pledges (under the JCPOA) but Iran has signed the deal and undertaken commitments based on its national interests, the president said.

Foreign policy is based on paying a price and if the price is low the foreign policy is successful and if the price is high the foreign policy is a failure, Rouhani said.

Today, If the US embarks on scrapping the JCPOA, it will cost dearly for it while Iran will pay a low price, he said.

It is for nearly 15 months that the US has claims the JCPOA has been detrimental to it and therefore it is determined to leave JCPOA but they know that such an act will be very costly for them, President Rouhani said.

All countries in the world except two want the JCPOA to be preserved and have announced that US withdrawal will be a grave mistake on its part and a big victory for the Iranian nation, he said.

Trump as he claims is an expert on milking and is plundering the wealth of regional countries under pretext that Iran is a dangerous country, Rouhani said.

Iran has managed to neutralize their attempts to spread Iranophobia with regards to nuclear-related issues and this is regarded a victory for the country, Rouhani said.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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