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President: The capacity of the country’s ports has increased by 36%

On the occasion of the national transportation day and to signify its importance in the cabinet meeting, President Hassan Rouhani stated that This year, Despite the imposed sanctions and the Corona Pandemic, transport sector had a great role in the economic arena. They worked their best for the country and did not the flow of the supply chain get interrupted.

“If we compare transport in the first eight months of this year compared to last year, truck transport has increased by 7% and rail transport by 8%, which shows that even in the pandemic, truckers and all the personnel active in this sector have done a very valuable job, traveling thousands of kilometers day and night in the cold and in the heat, in order to deliver the goods to the people.”, Rouhani added.

“There have been very good developments regarding roads, airports and ports. Capacity of the country's ports has increased by 36% and 10,000 kilometers have been added to the roads, highways, freeways, rural and urban roads/”

Referring to the statistics of the Program and Budget Organization in construction sector, he highlighted that this year, despite the corona pandemic and sanction, we have spent 567,000 billion Rls. for the country's development projects which is 62% more than last year expenditure on construction plans and projects.

Source: Ports & Maritime Organization

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