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Private house identified in Khosrow mansion explorations

The fifth archeological exploration season in the Khosrow Mansion of Qasre Shirin in Kermanshah led to the identification of one of the private houses of the palace.

The Public Relations Office of the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT) quoted Yussef Moradi, head of the team for the fifth archeological exploration season in Khosrow Mansion in Qasre Shirin, as saying that the discovered house in the Khosrow Mansion consists of a central courtyard, a backyard, a veranda, a collection of different living rooms with different dimensions, a kitchen and a storage.

According to him, parts of the house, including the veranda, are decorated with plaster plates, having geometric and plant decorations.

Referring to the focus of the present season of archeological explorations in the northern side of the building, he added: Exploration in this section would provide us with valuable information on the private residence of the ruler and his family.

Moradi in continuation referred to the location of the building known as Khosrow Mansion in Qasre Shirin on the northern margin of the current city of Qasr Shirin and along the very important road of Greater Khorasan to Baghdad and said the aforementioned building has a rectangular plan with a length of 360 and a width of 220 meters which has been built on the east-west orientation with a height of six meters.

He went on to say that the materials used in this building include river rubbles, brick and plaster mortar and around the veranda there is a collection of rooms and large corridors that are covered with arched ceiling.

The archeologist pointed to the existence of construction units on top of the veranda, which consist of two formal or ceremonial sections and a private sector.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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