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Production of aquaculture rises 40 times over past 40 years

Tehran, The former head of the Iranian Fisheries Organization referred to the 40fold rise in the production of aquaculture over the past 40 years.

Hassan Salehi went on to say that according to the World Food Organization's (FAO) official report, in 1978 the total production of aquaculture in Iran was 32,400 tons, which by the end of 2017 reached 1.202 million tons and this growth of 40 times in the four decades of the Islamic Revolution has given a special place to Iran in the region and the world.

The result is that despite the fact that the Iranian population has tripled, the per capita consumption of aquaculture increased from about 1kg in 1978 to more than 11kg in 2017.

The expert added that in this section, aquaculture should also be added, which was about 3,200 tons in 1978 and increased to 480,000 tons in 2017, indicating an increase of 150 times, and the revenues from export of fishery products from approximately $11 million reached $507 million in 2017.

The number of fisheries processing units, such as canned fish and powders, from 19 units in 1978 hit 460 units, which is a significant increase.

These safety and principled measures had led Iran's ranking in global aquaculture production of 70 in 1978 with 46 increase to reach 24 global, a high record on the international level.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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