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Production of corona vaccine in Iran proof of US maximum pressure failure: Raeisi

Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Ebrahim Raeisi on Monday described production of coronavirus vaccine in Iran as a valuable step and realization of "we can", saying that it is also a proof for the failure of the US' policy of maximum pressure.

Addressing a meeting of the Judiciary's High Council, he referred to the reaction of EU and Commissariat for Human Rights against Qisas (retribution) carried in one of the Iranian cities, saying that while they advise us to adhere to international law, they should be asked where these international laws were at the time when Fakhrizadeh and General Soleimani are assassinated, and why, based on these laws, they did not officially condemn the Americans and the Zionists for these crimes?

Where are these laws when houses in Yemen are being demolished on children, and people's lands are being usurped in Palestine and settlements are being built and people are being killed. Why these international laws are not used to convict perpetrators of these crimes, he wondered.

Referring to the strategy of neutralizing sanctions, Ayatollah Raeisi said that all those who work in the fields of monetary and financial, production, import and export should know that the strategy of neutralizing sanctions is a strategy that has worked and will also work.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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