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Providing excellent services to villages ah honour for gov’t/ The beauty and preservation of urban and historical identity of cities, especially historic cities very important/ All forces should focus all their efforts and attention on increasing national unity

The President described the provision of urban services very important considering the 74% of the country's population living in cities and stressed the active presence and assistance of the government, municipalities and the people in city administration.

Speaking on Thursday at the official opening ceremony of 99 national projects of the Ministry of Interior in the field of civil engineering and urban management President Hassan Rouhani said, "Unfortunately, these days we have seen the people of a big city like Ahwaz dealing with the floods due to heavy rains".

"I emphasise to the Governor-General of Khuzestan and the Mayor of Ahwaz and the Crisis Mitigation Headquarters that they should do their best with more accurate and correct planning, so that the dear people of Khuzestan and especially Ahwaz do not face any problems during the rains," he said.

Stating that "Traffic and air pollution are two very important issues in our big cities," Dr Rouhani added, "The government has taken great care to raise the petrol standard to Euro 4 and Euro 5".

In another part of his speech, the President pointed out that today we have been in a state of full-blown economic war for three years, and said, "Since 10 months ago, the coronavirus outbreak has made the situation more difficult, but we see that the opening of important projects continues. Hopefully, many important projects will be put into operation by the end of the year".

Referring to the Supreme Leader's emphasis yesterday on the need to preserve national unity, Dr Rouhani said, "All forces must focus all their efforts and attention on increasing national unity".

Stating that it is national unity that forces others to surrender to the Iranian nation and is the basis for breaking sanctions, the president added, "We must all work to neutralise and lift sanctions, and as the Supreme Leader emphasised, we must not allow this matter be delayed even an hour".

Dr Rouhani emphasised, "The government will do its best to implement this very important instruction of the Supreme Leader and I am sure that the resistance of the people and the national unity of the Iranian nation will defeat the enemy".

"I have no doubt that the three-year resistance of the Iranian people will force the future US administration to surrender to the Iranian people and return to its commitments and break the sanctions," he continued.

Source: Presidency of Islamic Republic of Iran

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