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Public culture, organisational culture in gov’t departments essential/ “Government Transformation Document” will be published soon

Emphasising the need to improve the level of organisational culture in governmental departments, Dr Raisi stated, "The first edition of the government transformation document will be published soon".

Speaking on Wednesday at the cabinet meeting, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi emphasised that the officials should make efforts to implement the new instructions and directives, and said, "It is necessary to explain the time of "decision-making" and the time of "implementation of decisions" to the people".

Emphasising the need to promote public culture and organisational culture in the society, the President said, "One of the areas of people's unhappiness is the lack of sense of responsibility of some employees".

Dr Raisi stated, "People are frustrated when they go to offices and face irresponsibility, so "responsibility", "administrative discipline" and "organisational culture" in practice must change".

The President emphasised, "The Administrative and Recruitment Affairs Organisation and managers should implement theoretical and knowledge-based issues in this field".

The President called the Declaration of the Second Step of the Revolution is an important document and, said, "This document has a realism and wisdom in it, and it deals with the perspective of the new Islamic civilisation and the general policies of the system".

The executive bodies should define their relationship with this document and specify what actions they should take to implement this document.

Dr Raisi continued, "The first edition of the government transformation document will be published soon".

Source: Presidency of Islamic Republic of Iran

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