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Putin calls for UN Security Council session on Syria

Moscow, � Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday called for a United Nations Security Council session to discuss the recent attack by the US on Syria.

Escalation in Syria will leave an adverse effect on the international security, he said in a statement, hours after the US and its allies attacked Syria under a pretext of alleged chemical attack near Damascus.

Washington claims that it was a response to an alleged chemical weapon attack near Damascus. The US blames the attack on the government of Syria.

Referring to the US attack on Al Shayrat airfield in Syria last year, Putin said that the US targeted Syria again on the basis of a fabricated chemical attack.

Russian military experts in Syria have examined the region for the alleged chemical attack but no evidence or trace of chlorine or other poisons were found, he said.

The attacks by the US came hours after a fact-finding team was sent to Syria by Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to investigate the alleged chemical attack.

No report on the alleged chemical attack has been released so far.

Condemning the attack, he said that the US is exacerbating the humanitarian situation in Syria by such acts.

He also warned of a new exodus of refugees as the result of bolstering terrorist groups through such actions

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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