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Putin says Russia after ‘strict implementation of JCPOA’

Beijing, Russian president announced on Sunday that Moscow 'stands for a consistent, strict implementation of the JCPOA, and Moscow will continue to follow all its commitments.'

'US [May 8] withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action may destabilize the situation,' the Russian news agency of Sputnik quoted Vladimir Putin as saying at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit which started today in Qingdao in east coast of China with participation of leaders of member states and observers including Iran.

'Moscow has consistently advocated the agreement's implementation and is committed to follow its obligations,' Russian president said, adding 'Undoubtedly, our countries cannot but worry about what is happening now around the Iranian nuclear program.'

Based on the Sputnik report, President Putin also talked of the issue of Syria and said the joint international efforts have allowed to advance significantly against terrorists in Syria. Moreover, Syrian authorities comprehensively fulfill their obligations, showing the will to the dialogue.

On the issue of terrorism, the Russian president said the 'fight against terrorism remains a priority for cooperation within organization's [SCO] framework.'

'I would like to emphasize that the fight against terrorism remains the priority area of cooperation within the SCO.

'The program on countering terrorism, separatism and extremism adopted today sets the benchmarks for cooperation in this field for the next three years, provides for joint exercises and counter-terrorist operations, the establishment of a closer exchange of experience and operational information.'

Founded in 2001, SCO is an organization with eight member states and four observers including Iran.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani at the invitation of his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping has attended the SCO summit.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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