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QasreShirin, Sulaymaniyah Border Guards commanders confer on security cooperation

Qasre Shirin, Border Guard commanders of Iran's QasreShirin and Sulaimaniyah province of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq met and conferred on Wednesday at the International Parvizkhan Border Terminal to enhance cooperation for further security and convene the fourth quarterly meeting of border guards commanders.

Colonel Hojjatullah Karimi, commander of QasreShirin said at the meeting that 'by measures taken, the QasreShirin's borders now have a high level of security and preserving this security is a priority of Iran's Border Guards for the presence of the border settlers'.

The military official said the precise control of the border strip and increased cooperation by the border guards of the two countries of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Iraq will strengthen the border safeguarding and stabilize the border security.

Referring to the effective measures taken by QasreShirin Border Guards Regiment to ensure the security of the common borders, he urged Iraqi side to seriously deal with illegal armed elements and smugglers by vigorous prompting of the increased control of the border.

'The Islamic Republic of Iran and Iraq Republic have many common interests, and now there is a total security in the common borders, and there is no problem, and it is hoped that this security will continue to be maintained,' the commander said.

Colonel Karimi stress the fight against terrorist groups, the fight against smuggling of goods, the security of Iranian nationals, the export of Iranian goods to Iraq and helping Iranian drivers in Iraq, a decisive response to arms traffickers, ammunition, the preservation of signs and the boundary bars and timely presence at the border missions among the other issues raised at the meeting.

He also emphasized the strict observance and implementation of the two sides' border protocols and rules by the security strips and stressed the expansion of cooperation in border control.

The commander of Sulaymaniyah's Border Guard, for his part, noted, 'We feel safe from the borders side of Iran, and the most cooperation and synergy between our neighbors is with Iran.'

Brigadier General Fakhr alDin Abdullah Mohammad Saeed added, 'Iran is a friend and brother of Iraq, if we meet or hold meeting, not to solve the problem, but to strengthen the relationship of fraternity ties, and we are ready to meet with each other whenever necessary.

He stated that, given the great unity between the republic of Iraq and the Islamic Republic of Iran, cooperation between them should increase exponentially.

After reviewing the issues of the bilateral problems of borders, a minute were signed in 6 articles.

The border city of Qasre Shirin in the west of Kermanshah with more than 27,000 population is bordered by Iraq with 186 kilometers along this border, there are two proverbial terminals of Parvizhan and Khosravi, where economic exchanges, trade and export of goods to the Kurdistan region and the central government of Iraq are done via them.

Parvizkhan in the city of Qasre Shirin, bordered by the Kurdistan region of Iraq and in the vicinity of Sulaimaniyah province, became official frontier in 1997.

Currently, the main export goods are from the official border of Parvizkhan Qasre Shirin with the Kurdish areas of Iraq, especially the cities of Sulaimaniyah, Mosul, Khanqin and Kirkuk in the central part of the country.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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