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Qatar needs Iran’s support for World Cup

Tehran, Qatar has been hosting the World Cup as the first Muslim country to take over and undoubtedly needs Iran's media support, Qatari News Agency's managing director said.

Youssef Ibrahim Al-Maliki, while touching on Qatar's hosting the 2022 World Cup, said, 'Qatar would be the first Muslim country to host this tournament, and we are proud of it.'

'The Qatari people have been very enthusiastic about hosting the event since 2010 they selected to host the World Cup matches, and they are sure that this feeling will continue until the end of the World Cup in 2022,' he stated.

Qatar's news agency managing director said, 'The event would be a great honor for Qatar, and I hope we can be a good representative for other Muslim countries and see them as a host of World Cup in the future.'

'We expect that the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) as the official media of Iran and other media in your country is to help Qatar in better hosting the World Cup and accompany us with the reflection of the facts,' he added.

The managing director of the Qatar News Agency traveled to Tehran to attend the summit of the Organization of Asia-Pacific Agencies (OANA).

The 46th meeting of the Executive Board of the Asia-Pacific News Agency (OANA) will be held and hosted on Monday by the Islamic Republic News Agency in Tehran.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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