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Qatar stresses need for peaceful ties between PG states and Iran

Tehran, Qatari ?Foreign minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al Thani emphasized the need for peaceful relations between the littoral Arab states of the Persian Gulf and Iran.

In a press conference with his Romanian counterpart Teodor Mele?canu on Friday, he underlined that Qatar's position on these crises is steady and emphasized on resolving them through constructive dialogue, the AlKhaleej Online said.

AlThani went on to ask the international community to resolve recent disputes and tensions between Iran and the United States through dialogue and to prevent the effects of the crisis on the Persian Gulf region and its security.

On attack on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, the Qatari FM stressed that Doha condemns these actions, which not only undermined the security of the region and energy but would overshadow the whole world.

Meanwhile, the New York Times reported last night that the US military and diplomatic officials had the decision to take a retaliatory strike on Iran after an Iran overthrow a spy drone, but fears of increasing tensions in the region discouraged them from doing so.

AlThani stated that Iran is a neighboring country in the Persian Gulf region. If there is a political dispute between Tehran and some of the countries in this area, these differences must be resolved through constructive dialogue and negotiation.

On June 13, two tankers caught fire after explosions caused by a reported attack in the Oman Sea. 44 sailors of the two foreign oil tankers which were hit by explosions in the Oman Sea on Thursday morning were rescued by an Iranian vessel in coordination with Hormuzgan maritime search and rescue center.

They were transported to Jask Port in the east of the southern Iranian province of Hormuzgan as Iran's humanitarian gesture.

The two tankers, the Marshal Islandsflagged and the Panamaflagged, were on their ways to Taiwan and Singapore from Qatar and Saudi Arabia, respectively.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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