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Quadrilateral Committee for exchange of information on Daesh to be more active

Baghdad, Member countries of the quadrilateral committee to exchange security information on Daesh, including Iran, Russia, Iraq and Syria, underlined here on Monday to strengthen the committee and make it more active to combat terrorism.

The meeting was held on the third anniversary of the establishment of the committee, attended by ambassadors of Iran, Russia and Syria as well as Chief of Staff of Iraqi Joint Forces General Othman al-Ghanimi.

The participants called for continued activities of the committee and also strengthening it until final victory over Daesh and terrorism in the region.

In the meeting, Iran's embassy military attache in Baghdad Mustafa Moradian, who represents Iran in the committee, expressed honor to commemorate the third anniversary of the committee.

He pointed to the IRGC's missile attack on terrorist positions east of Euphrates in Syria on Monday and underlined Iran's intention to continue cooperation to demolish terrorism and it is so serious in that concern.

Syrian Ambassador to Iraq Sattam Jadaan al-Dandah called 'Arab Spring' as a western game with an aim to cause chaos and disintegration in the countries of the region.

He added that Syrian Army with supports of its friends and allies could defeat Daesh terrorist group.

Al-Dandah stressed that joint cooperation between Iran, Russia, Iraq and Syria within framework of the committee played important role in victory on Daesh in Iraq and Syria, so it should be maintained and strengthened.

Military and strategic experts believe that strengthening of regional treaties will contribute to maintaining stability and security in regional countries and there would be no need for interferences of extra-regional powers.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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