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Quds Day indicates lineup of justice against injustice

Tehran, Iranian Army in a statement released on the occasion of Quds Day, described it as lineup of justice against injustice.

Quds Day is the day of solidarity, unity and sympathy of Muslim nations with the oppressed Palestinians against sinister conspiracies of the Zionist regime and the criminal US, the statement reads.

The International Quds Day is a symbol of opposition to looting, bullying and genocide of an oppressed regime and is regarded a sign of opposition to evil powers, it continued.

In recent years, the enemies have been struggling to defuse the Palestinian issue by creating divisions within the Islamic Front and supporting Takfiri terrorist groups to protect the security of the Zionist regime.'

By relocating its embassy from Tel Aviv to Holy Quds, the United States once again violated the rights of Muslims.

The US act is aimed at sustaining the disgraceful life of the illegitimate regime of Israel and suppressing the rightful call of the oppressed Palestinian people.

Unfortunately certain Arab countries in the region by keeping mum on the US rude and aggressive acts and maintaining relations with the Zionist regime of Israel have betrayed Palestinians.

On December 6, 2017, the US President Donald Trump decided to relocate the US diplomatic mission from Tel Aviv to Holy Quds and to recognize Quds as the capital city of the Zionist regime of Israel.

Some 58 Palestinians were killed and thousands of others were injured by the Zionist troops on that day while protesting against the US relocation of embassy from Tel Aviv to Holy Quds.

Iranian Foreign Ministry in a statement slammed the US President Donald Trump's decision to recognize Holy Quds as the Zionist regime capital, saying Quds is the integral part of Palestine.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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