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Quds Day legacy of Imam Khomeini for next generations: Turkish politician

Leader of the Turkish Patriotic Party, Doğu Perinçek on Thursday termed Quds day as the legacy of late Imam Khomeini for succeeding generations.

In an interview with IRNA, he added that Imam Khomeini attracted the attention of the whole world to Jerusalem through coining World Quds Day.

Imam Khomeini called on Muslims to be vigilant and not to forget the rightful claim; he said adding, Quds Day could be regarded as the insightful remark of Imam Khomeini for Muslims.

“We will shield legacy of Imam Khomeini and will cry it out to the entire world by respecting the priceless will,” he pointed out.

In Ramadan of 1979, Imam Khomeini introduced the Quds Day to the world and said in a speech: “I call on all Muslims and Muslim governments to be united in order to get the hands of this occupier (Israel) and it supporters off Palestine and call on all Muslims around the world to name the last Friday of Ramadan month as the ‘Quds Day’ and declare the international solidarity of Muslims in supporting legal rights of (Palestinian) Muslims.”


Source: Islamic Republic News Agency – IRNA

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