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Raisi: Iran supports Iraq’s independence, establishment of popular governance

Tehran, IRNA – Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi in a phone talk with Iraq’s Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi said that Iran’s basic and stable stance is supporting Iraq’s independence and establishment of a popular government there, while supporting any initiative aimed at resolving the problems legally and transparently.

The Iranian president in this phone talk while emphasizing the historically very old and close relations of the two countries and the point that the Islamic Republic of Iran is always beside the Iraqi nation and government, said: The unity and solidarity of Iraq is a strategic issue that should not be harmed.

“The enemies of the regional countries do not favor the Iraqi nation’s security, Iraq’s stability, and advancement, and by promoting sedition pursue their own ominous objective, which is why everyone needs to remain alert in encountering such plots,” reiterated the president.

Raisi said that the entire capacities should be used to ensure Iraq’s peace and stability.

“We consider elections an important achievement in the way of ensuring people’s own governance over their own fates, and have always emphasized that the fate of nations should be determined through the voting ballots, and therefore, in order to eliminate and resolve any ambiguity, we support the political processes, legal procedures, and transparency,” added Raisi.

Iraq’s Prime Minister Al-Kadhimi, too, in the phone talk appreciated the boundless support of Iran for his nation and government, saying: The Islamic Republic of Iran’s viewpoint about Iraq has always been based on establishment and preservation of stability and security of our country.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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