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Ravanchi: Providing guarantees from US obvious, necessary

New York, IRNA – Iran’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations Majid Takht Ravanchi said on Thursday that providing guarantees from the US is an obvious and necessary principle.

After the meeting of the UN Security Council on the review of the 11th report of the Secretary-General of the Organization on the implementation of Resolution 2231, Takht Ravanchi said that the necessity of providing guarantees by the US is an obvious principle that has been emphasized by Iran over the years.

Recalling the US withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), he noted that this is an experience that Iran and the rest of the Security Council have faced from the illegal and unconventional withdrawal of the US from the JCPOA.

He highlighted that the JCPOA is not like a door that everyone wanted to enter and leave whenever they wanted, said adding that the US has illegal and unreasonable withdrawn from the JCPOA.

Referring to the US disgraceful failure at the Security Council last year, he stressed that all members of the Security Council know that the US attempts were wrong, illegal, and against international regulations.

Pointing to the US return to the JCPOA, he underscored that it is Iran’s natural right to ensure that that illegal withdrawal will not be repeated again.

He reiterated that such behaviors from the US, disrupt international relations and norms, so what Iran is expecting is what countries understand and Iran believes that the US should guarantee its promises.

***Sanctions and lack of medicine have caused a lot of problems for Iranians

Speaking about Wednesday's meeting of the UN Security Council on Resolution 2231, Ravanchi said that it was a good opportunity for Iran to talk about the latest situation in the JCPOA and the negotiations and what has happened over the past few years.

He went on to say that during these few years, Iranians suffered a lot of damage because of the outrageous sanctions imposed under the former US President Donald Trump, and Iranian’s faced many problems including in the area of medicine.

The US officials claimed that medicine and food are out of sanctions, but in practice, it is a false claim that Iran explicitly stated at the Security Council meeting, he noted.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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