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Refugees in Calais of France Lining up for Official Asylum Application

Refugees in Calais' Jungle camp continue lining up with suitcases, waiting to be transported to the reception centers for official asylum application on Monday as the French authorities started the clearance work of the area where inhabit thousands of refugees from Africa and the Middle East.

The French government pledged 9,000 places would be made available at the reception centers for them who will fall into groups of 40 to 50 for a period of between three and four months during the application process.

The refugees who fit the asylum criteria will stay in France while those who do not will be sent home.

"At the moment it's very peaceful here. It's very calm. People are waiting patiently to go into the warehouse where they'll be processed, but there is a hold up and it isn't happening fast enough. So we might find that as people get more impatient, there is a conflict," said Jonny Willis, a staff member of the Refugee Youth Service organization.

By last week the population of the camp was around 7,000.

Some of them have tried to get onto trains and trucks heading for the UK.

"I'm gonna stay here as I told you, unless arrested or forcibly driving to the accommodation centers," said Al-Hasan Nazza, a refugee from Iraq.

"Because I have a family in the UK." But many others plan to stay in France. "My plan is that we take admission in a university. We applied for university, and we are going to study something (in France)," said Haleeb Khan, a refugee from Afghanistan.

On Monday morning, 17 buses have left the Jungle camp carrying over 700.

The French authorities will continue to process the queuing refugees through this week before moving in to destroy the camp.

Source: Al Alam

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