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Regional crisis originated from Palestine issue, says Ambassador

Following is the full interview with IRNA:

Q. What can you make of the current situation in Palestine?

A. We have been in a stalemate since the camp David agreement. The peace process has been totally stalled and we are stuck between the historically inevitable and the politically impossible.

The current stalemate is not helping because compulsive violence is becoming the name of the game again, with 50 years of occupation and 10 years of siege on Gaza.

We have reached an impasse with the Israelis; and it is so unfortunate that the third party which is the US is not pushing for a re-engagement.

We thought that the Russians influence could come back again to the scene as part and parcel of the quartet; let alone that if we talk about the French initiative maybe this is a window of opportunity but Americans and some of the Europeans are trying to minimize and devoid the actual content of that conference which if does not work out then we lose another opportunity for re-engagement in a peace process.

However if the stalemate continues then I think the instability and the insecurity in the Middle East will be sustained.

Unfortunately because of the turbulent in the Middle East and because of the concentration on Syria, the Palestinian issue is put at the back burner.

People should not forget that the cracks of the issue in the middle east is the Palestinian problem and the crisis management to this problem has been a recipe for disaster.

The international community should realize that without solving the Palestinian issue, regional stability will be on jeopardy.

Q. Do you think the Israelis could be prosecuted for their war crimes in Palestine?

A. We are trying to use all kind of international legal aid to register our complaints with the International Criminal Court in The Hague. This is a very long process; But I believe war criminals should be punished.

Q. What is your opinion about the role of Iran in supporting Palestine?

A. Iran has been supportive of the Palestinian. It has a good position vis-A�-vis Palestine; They support the people and their request for independence.

Q. What is your opinion about Balfour declaration and that the UK government is celebrating the 100th anniversary?

A. I regret to hear that the UK government is marking the centenary of Balfour declaration. This is an infamy declaration that ended up in disposition of the Palestinian people and it is because of the Balfour declaration today we are suffering from the Israeli occupation; we have lost our homeland and still we would like to see the rectification of this position by the UK to recognize the state of Palestine rather than celebrating the establishment of a regime that has been an occupying regime in the Middle East by denying the Palestinian right to self-determination.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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