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Report puts Iran second innovative economy of Central and South Asia

Iran has been named the second innovative economy of Central and South Asia in a recent report released by World Economic Forum, according to Deputy ITC Minister Behzad Ahmadi.

Ahmadi said that the report has been released based on Global Innovation Index 2020 by World Intellectual Property Organization.

The report introduces three top innovative economies in each region, which puts Iran second after India in Central and Southern Asia, the official said.

Kazakhstan followed Iran in the report to be the third innovative economy of the region, he added.

Those active in the area of ICT, private online businesses and startups, along with the universities, contributed to gaining this ranking by Iran, the official said.

Ahmadi said that Switzerland, Sweden, the United States, Britain, Netherland, Denmark, Finland, Singapore, Germany and South Korea are the Top 10 world innovative economies respectively.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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