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Reports on Iranian ambassador expulsion ‘false’: Kuwait

Tehran, July 21, Informed sources in Kuwait Foreign Ministry have told local media that the report alleging that Iranian ambassador to Kuwait has been asked to leave the country is 'false'.

Talking to Kuwaiti Al-Anba Newspaper, the officials denied the report that Iranian Ambassador to Kuwait Alireza Enayati has been expelled from the country.

The daily has not given any more details in this respect.

On July 20, Iran Foreign Ministry summoned Falah Al-Hajraf Kuwait's Charge d'Affaires in Tehran to give some clarifications.

The move by the Iranian Foreign Ministry was taken on Thursday after some media reports suggesting Kuwait's call on Iran embassy in the Persian Gulf Arab littoral state to reduce the number of embassy diplomats.

The Foreign Ministry has asked the Kuwaiti envoy to give clarifications and protested over the country's move asking for reduction of Iran's embassy staff.

Ambassador Enayati was summoned to Kuwait's foreign ministry on Wednesday and was handed over a letter of protest.

The Kuwaiti officials in their letter of protest had asked the Islamic Republic of Iran to decrease the number of its diplomats in Kuwait within 48 hours.

Following severing of ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, like some other countries in the region, cut the number of its diplomats in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Presently Kuwait's Charge d'Affaires and two experts are working at Kuwait's embassy in Tehran while the number of Iranian staff at Iran's embassy in Kuwait stands at 20.

For the same reason, now Kuwait has called for a decrease in the number of diplomats at Iran's embassy.

Spread of unfounded news claiming that Kuwait has recognized Iranian diplomats as personae non gratae is totally out of question.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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