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Resuming dispatch of pilgrim convoys to Iraq via Khuzestan borders possible

Director-General for Political and Border Affairs of Khuzestan said that there is a possibility of resumption of pilgrimage convoys to Iraq from Khuzestan borders with the continuation and improvement of the security situation and relative peace in the country in the near future.

Speaking to IRNA on Tuesday, Reza Nejati said that there is no particular problem for individual travel and pilgrimage convoys other than security, and we hope that Khuzestan's borders will witness the return of our enthusiastic pilgrims with improved security conditions and rule of calm in Iraq.

He stated that no decision has been made by senior officials to resume the pilgrimage convoys from Khuzestan, but with the return of calm to Iraqi cities, especially the sacred cities of Iraq, glimmers of hope for the resumption of pilgrimage travel have come to light.

The official noted that despite pilgrimage convoys travel from Khuzestan borders, pilgrims' air trips are limited to Tehran-Baghdad flights.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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