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Rouhani: Ball is in Europe court

Tehran, After the US illegal walkaway from nuclear deal, ball is in Europe court, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said.

Rouhani made the remarks Tuesday while receiving new UK ambassador to Tehran Rob Macaire's credentials.

Iran has always been ready for developing ties with the European countries, he said.

While criticizing some parties for not implementing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) in the economic sector, Rouhani said that Iran has never been after tensions in the region and is not to make any problem in international waterways.

Iran is firm on its rights regarding oil exports, he added.

He also hailed developing relations with London, saying fortunately both countries have been determined to broaden ties.

Rouahni described as constructive meetings between officials of both countries, saying we are in an important era of relations regarding the JCPOA.

Europe clear stance as regard its measures to be taken to compensate the US illegal withdrawal from Iran deal is of importance for Iranian nation.

Meanwhile, Macaire referred to the UK support for implementing Iran nuclear deal.

The efforts made by European countries for preserving JCPOA are unprecedented, he said.

Iran's policy to remove tensions in the region is of importance, he said, adding that we are after developing ties with Iran.

'We believe that holding talks and diplomacy are only ways for solving crises,' he reiterated.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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