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Rouhani describes Quds Day symbol of perseverance, unity, empathy of Muslims

Tehran President Hassan Rouhani in a message on World Quds Day highlighted the unchangeable principle of “Quds, the capital of Palestine”, saying that holding a ceremony in support of the oppressed Palestinian nation on the last Friday of Ramadan is a good tradition and a symbol of Muslims’ perseverance, unity and empathy in defending Islamic ideals.

Inspired by the ideals of the Islamic Revolution and the emphasis laid by Imam Khomeini on supporting the oppressed nations of the world, especially the defenseless people of Palestine, you, the brave and intelligent people of Iran, have always been the pioneer and source of the illuminating movements, the message said.

As long as your hearts are connected to the sea of ​​Islamic and revolutionary teachings, the struggle against the oppressors and the defense of the oppressed will continue; because this passion and resolve are rooted in the shining and inspiring school of Ashura, it said.

Although holding physical ceremonies are not possible this year due to the current situation as well as the need to uphold health protocols, what is important and gives depth and meaning to the ideal of Palestine and the liberation of Quds and instills fear in the hearts of the usurpers of the first Qibla of Muslims is the spiritual presence and strength of wills that are determined to release the holy Quds, and no doubt occupied lands will be liberated with God’s grace.

Rouhani hailed the sympathetic togetherness, saying, “I pray for unity and solidarity among the people on this great day, especially under the current situation when the global arrogance intends to discourage the nation and create obstacles to the realization of our national and Islamic ideals with a chain of sanctions and inhumane threats and waging economic war.”

No doubt that the ultimate victory is for the combatants and the patients, he reiterated.


Source: Islamic Republic News Agency – IRNA


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