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Rouhani: Iran to make enemies regret their economic war

Tehran, President Hassan Rouhani described martyrs and war veterans as vivid testimony to the Iranian nation's history of dignity and resistance, saying that Iran will once again make the enemies remorseful in the economic war.

Addressing a gathering on Thursday, he added that sacred defense is not the eightyear history alone; rather it is the culture of sacrifice, bravery and resistance which is still ongoing.

Describing Khorramshahr as a big symbol of sacred defense and testament of national dignity, Rouhani said that day of Khorramshahr occupation was the hardest and most sorrowful day but the most beautiful days of Sacred Defense were the ones when Khorramshahr was liberated.

Liberation of Khorramshahr was not a simple victory; rather we retook the city with all the occupiers in, he said, noting that some 19,000 Iraqi soldiers and officers were taken as prisons of war during operations to liberate the city form the enemy.

Today, the youth are ready for other conquers like that of Khorramshahr, president said, noting, We will fall when our belief is captured.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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