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Rouhani: Market turbulence has no economic reason

Tehran, President Hassan Rouhani said late Wednesday that market turbulence has no economic reason and it is rooted in the enemy's psychological warfare.

He mader the remarks in reference to recent price hikes in the country while adressing a gathering of media persons late Wednesday.

He described media persons as the trustees of the people, urging them to stand up to the enemy's psychological warfare.

Contending that media outlets are at the forefront of breaking the enemy's psychological warfare, Rouhani said, We are able to overcome the enemy's psychological warfare.

Today, media people should shoulder heavier responsibility than in the past, the president said.

Noting that concern about the future of the country has no problem, Rouhani said that that kind of concern is good that leads to further resolve and resolute decision and strong solidarity for advancing the affairs and removing worries.

I do not like to see disappointment in the country, he said, noting that disappointment is the end of the matter, as it means surrendering to ill-wishers.

Elsewhere in his speech, Rouhani referred to US withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal known as JCPOA, and said that Iran has acted in such a way that all countries except a few have denounced the US and commended Iran, and this was unprecedented in the past 40 years.

Which country in the history of the United Nations Security Council has been able to close its dossier in the entity without contempt, he asked, saying, We did not let war be imposed on us and we never bowed to the enemy.

It's for the first time in the history of the United Nations that Iran achieved the right to enrichment and UNSC has never given such a right to any country except Iran, he said.

Commenting on his administration's accomplishments, he added, We have attained self-sufficiency in producing gasoline and we will do so in gas output by the end of the year through proper planning.

The biggest grief for the nation is when it uses alien media as reference, he said, noting that the situation should be rectified and local media serve as reference for information dissemination.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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