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Rouhani: New Zealand crime reaffirms need for countering Islamophobia

Tehran, President Hassan Rouhani in a message on Friday condemned terror attack on worshippers in New Zealand, saying that this is another indication that countering Islamophobia is essential.

The message reads that the terroristic and racist attack on Muslim worshippers in New Zealand was a barbaric and painful act which tormented the hearts of all Muslims across the world, freedom seeking people and the Iranian nation.

The brutal crime which left a number of innocent worshippers martyred and injured reaffirms the need for allout campaign against terrorism and spreading hatred towards religions and ethnic groups, he said.

Unprofessional and inhumane coverage of the act of terror by certain western media in the West is another document for racism, double standards even in the case of human lives, the message said, adding that the barbaric act is not something to be forgotten in the wake conscience abiding by the human values.

The crime in the country revealed that terrorism is still one of the global challenges, requiring integrated approach by all the countries against hostility and extremism in every point in the world.

Iran's government is still determined to resolutely fight terrorism and racism, as it believes that such blind plots of the enemies will bring them nothing, but further disgrace, he said.

Rouhani also expressed solidarity with the families of the victims and expressed condolences to all the Muslim around the world.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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