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Rouhani: Regional security impossible without Iran, Iraq stability

Baghdad, President Hassan Rouhani on Monday hailed IranIraq friendly and growing ties, saying that regional security and development is not possible without Tehran and Baghdad's stability and development.

Addressing joint meeting of the Iranian and Iraqi highranking delegations, he added that IranIraq ties are rooted in the history and always friendly and brotherly and will continue as such.

Iran has always been standing alongside its brotherly nation Iraq and has spared no efforts to help it, he said, noting that his country considers Iraq's stability and security in line with Iran's security and stability.

At a time when the US with its oppressive and illegal sanctions is seeking to place pressure and distance countries from each other, we should withstand them through deepening and strengthening allout ties, he said.

Today, all the Iranian and Iraqi officials are resolute to boost allout ties, he stressed.

Noting that Iran is ready to increase gas and electricity exports to Iraq, Rouhani said that officials of the two countries should expedite implementation of the agreements in the fields of environment and countering dusts.

Stressing the need for enhancing cooperation in the field of security and stability and fighting until full annihilation of terrorism, he said that the Iranian nation and government will stand beside the Iraqi nation in the reconstruction era as it did in tough times of fighting against Daesh.

Iraqi Prime Minister Adel AbdelMahdi also said during the meeting that Iran and Iraq have had broadened ties in the course of history and boast of common culture.

We have always had common interests and today we feel that bilateral ties are getting stronger day by day, he said, noting that his country is determined to promote allout ties with Tehran.

We should turn the region into a scene of cooperation and friendship between the neighboring states and not allow the aliens to distance us through divisive policies, he said.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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