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Iran, on Friday, denounced recent allegations, levelled by Israeli prime minister, about Tehran's nuclear programme, as "lies."

The "craft show" by Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, about Iran's nuclear programme, cannot cover up Israel's secret nuclear weapons programme, Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, said on Friday.

"No arts & craft show will ever obfuscate that Israel is the only regime in our region, with a 'secret' and 'undeclared' nuclear weapons programme - including an 'actual atomic arsenal,'" Zarif tweeted. Also Zarif said, on Friday, that, Israel's nuclear arsenal, is the "biggest threat" to the security of the Middle East.

Zarif made the comment, after Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, accused Iran of holding a "secret atomic warehouse" during his speech at the UN conference, on Thursday.

Netanyahu presented what he claimed to be an aerial photo of a previously unknown nuclear facility in Iran's capital, Tehran, saying, the 2015 nuclear deal enabled Iran to continue its attempts to build nuclear weapons.

"The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has repeatedly announced that Iran's nuclear programme is peaceful," Zarif said. "Netanyahu must explain how, Israel, as the only possessor of nuclear weapons in the Middle East, can put itself in a position to level such brazen accusations, against a country whose (nuclear) programme has been repeatedly declared as peaceful by the IAEA," Zarif was quoted as saying.

Netanyahu's move is only aimed at deflecting attention from the fact that Israel is "the biggest threat to the Middle East," as it has a nuclear weapons facility and threatens other states with atomic annihilation, Zarif said.

"It (Israel) will never manage to achieve anything by playing such games," he said, stressing that, "time for Israel to fess up and open its illegal nuclear weapons programme, to international inspectors."

"Israel, the warden of the world's biggest open prison - Gaza, dares to stand here once again and makes a statement filled with despicable lies," Farhad Mamdouhi, Iran's representative at the United Nations, was quoted as saying by Tasnim news agency, on Friday.

"No amount of slur, no amount of lie, no amount of fabrication would cover up the criminal nature of Israel," Mamdouhi said.

"After the United States and Israel's failure to play out anti-Iran scenarios, these farcical claims and shows by the prime minister of the occupying regime (of Israel) were not unexpected," Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Bahram Qasemi, said.

"This is a new show by the authorities of the occupying regime of Israel which we strongly reject, though it is not worth talking about," said Qasemi.

"Israel and the United States sought to represent an unpleasant image of Iran, at this year's UN General Assembly meeting, but they failed to do so," he was quoted as saying.


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