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Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran to examine NorthSouth transport corridor

Baku, Russian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Mikhail Bucharnikov said on Monday that in the upcoming trilateral summit between Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan presidents, the dimensions of multilateral cooperation between these countries will be examined.

Speaking at a news conference in Baku on Monday, the Russian ambassador said that the trilateral summit hosting presidents of Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan will take place by the year end.

He also said that Russia is to host the summit but it will be difficult to define that the exact time of the meeting which will be no later than 2019.

Russia and Azerbaijan are determined to broaden relations with the countries in the region, he said adding that the tripartite cooperation between Russia, Azerbaijan and Iran will be in line with the same policy.

Cooperation of Russia, Azerbaijan and Iran in the form of the International North�South Transport Corridor (INSTC) will prepare grounds for speedy shipments of goods from Persian Gulf to Russia and vice versa.

A variety of land and rail vehicles can be used for shipment of goods through INSTC.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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