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Russia Delivers Over 710,000 Tonnes of Military Supplies for Syrian Operations

The Russian military has transported over 710,000 tonnes of military supplies to Syria since the start of its ongoing counter-terrorist operation in the Arab country, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Dmitry Bulgakov said Monday.

"A unique logistical system encompassing all types of transport used by the armed forces and commercial organizations was devised by the army to effectively supply material resources to Russian service personnel As of today, over 710,000 tonnes of missiles, ammunition, fuels, provision and other resources have been delivered," Bulgakov told the Izvestia newspaper; Sputnik reported.

Throughout the year, Russia' Hmeymim airbase saw the opening of three cafeterias, a centralized refueling station, two saunas, three warehouses of various designations, a platform for military transport aircraft and a helicopter pad, according to the deputy minister. Additionally, a military town with the corresponding infrastructure was built in the Mediterranean city of Tartus to service the S-300 missile system recently delivered to Syria, he added.

Russia has been involved in the Syrian conflict since September 2015, when it started an anti-terrorist aerial campaign at the request of Syrian President Bashar Assad. The Hmeymim airbase became central to the campaign, while the Tartus naval facility has been operated by Russia for decades.

Source: Al Alam

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