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Russia FM: Era of solving world problems unilaterally over

Moscow, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Saturday lashed out at those trying to impede settlement of Syrian crisis, saying that the era of solving world issues unilaterally is over.

Speaking at a press conference with his Iranian and Turkish counterparts following their tripartite meeting on Syria peace process, Lavrov said it was weird that the UN came under pressure to criticize the Astana process and Sochi national Syrian dialogue congress while they can help in the settlement of the crisis.

He said friendship should be promulgated among the Syrian people and there is such a framework in the United Nations but some are creating challenges in a bid to say that they themselves should solve all the problems facing the world.

Asked whether the three countries of Russia, Iran and Turkey as guarantors of ceasefire regime in Syria have any plan for cooperation with the United Nations, Lavrov maintained that the UN can do a lot of things towards the settlement of the crisis.

As the first step, Lavrov said, the UN can help in de-escalating tension in Syria because it is in contact with all warring sides. However, he said, the incessant fight against terrorist groups will continue because peace loving people should be separated from terrorists.

He also recommended that the United Nations should increase its humanitarian aid to the Syrian people just like Russia, Iran and Turkey which have done a lot in this regard.

Lavrov reiterated that the United Nations should also cooperate with the Damascus government and to this end Moscow, Tehran and Ankara will encourage the Syrian government to show more flexibility. However, the Russian foreign minister said the United Nations has no right to politicize such humanitarian cooperation or say for example that it would only help the Syrian opposition groups.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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