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Russia to supply S300 to Syria in two weeks | Iran News Gazette
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Russia to supply S300 to Syria in two weeks

Moscow, Russia's defense minister, Sergey Shoygu, has announced it will provide advanced S300 missile defense system to Syria in the next two weeks.

In a statement published on the Russian Defense Ministry's website on Monday, Shoygu noted the S-300 missile system has high degree reliability and it will significantly increase the Syrian army's defense capability.

The top military official said the missile can hit targets up to 250 kilometers away.

Shoygu went on to say in 2013, Russia trained some Syrian military personnel to use the S-300 air defense units, however, it did not provide Syria with the missile. Now the situation has changed and the blame for the changes should not be put on Russia.

He also stated as a tactic, military headquarters will be equipped with an automatic system.

On Monday, last week, a Russian IL-20 aircraft was shot down by Israeli fighter jets over the Mediterranean Sea, leaving all 15 on board dead.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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