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Russian companies continue trade with Iran: Russian analyst

Tehran, Russian companies working in Iran have an advantage over European rivals � they are already under US sanctions, so they have nothing to lose, TeleTrade Chief Analyst Petr Pushkarev said on Sunday.

Russian companies will continue doing business in Iran as if nothing happened at all � in oil, gas and nuclear energy. They have this advantage over the Europeans, like Total or Airbus, that have major businesses in the US and are listed on American exchanges, Pushkarev told Russia Today.

Saying that Russian trade with Iran accounts only for $2 billion, RT added that it can grow significantly. Companies from Russia can simply ignore Washington's threats of imposing fines for trade with Iran or for conducting projects in Iran, the analyst said.

He added This is quite real because Russia and Iran are natural allies in Syria. Rosneft has preliminary agreements with Iran worth up to $30 billion, and even if only a small part of these plans are implemented with Russia, and not with European partners, it can be a significant gain for Moscow.

Another possible sphere for boosting business ties between Moscow and Tehran are contracts for the delivery of civil aviation aircraft, Pushkarev said. Iran planned the purchase of 100 aircraft from Boeing, 80 from Airbus and another 20 from the Franco-Italian ATR. Russia will have a chance to deliver its MC-21 jets, if Iran agrees to wait for a couple of years, since the aircraft is just on the way and ends the testing phase, he said.

On May 8, US President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew his country from a landmark agreement between Iran and the permanent members of the UNSC plus Germany, which made the world talk against the decision.

Trump also said that the US is going to impose severe sanctions on Iran again.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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