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Russian FM urges OPCW experts to review Douma chemical attack

Moscow, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called for experts of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to review chemical attack in Douma, Syria.

Russia is supposed to present draft of a resolution to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) for probing into the chemical accident in Syria.

The resolution aims at discussing Douma accident which is said to use chemical weapons against civilians, Lavrov told reporters on Tuesday.

OPCW experts should attend the accident site to collect specimens for a detailed report, he added

Russia will support OPCW experts, Lavrov reiterated.

The US is after long-time presence in Syria, he said, adding that the accusation of using chemical weapons in Douma is a provocative act.

Russian military forces have repeatedly warned against provocative acts to accuse Syrian government of using chemicals, Lavrov had earlier said.

The media affiliated with the terrorists had claimed that the Syrian jet fighters conducted a chemical attack on Douma on Saturday night killing 75 people and injuring scores of Syrians.

This is while Syria had earlier warned against terrorists' attempts to orchestrate chemical attack scenario in Eastern Ghouta.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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